16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M having mild headches.... Not all the day... But in btw amy times of the day ... Earlier my BP was bit low .. but now its ok...and still m experiencing light headaches

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Question: Hi, m six weeks pregnant, the heart beat of the baby is still not showing during the sonography.. M experiencing the mild cramps also, is there anything serious?
Answer: Hi Dear! Heartbeat is usually detected between 6-9 weeks of pregnancy and even after 9 weeks in some cases, hence plz be positive and go fr the test after a couple of weeks if the Dr. has suggested so.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: Hi..m now 7month pregnant..my bp now a days increasing..130/70mmhg and some day bp_140/80mmhg.till 6 month my bp was low..m bit worry.wht to do?
Answer: Hi dear, High blood pressure during pregnancy isn’t always dangerous. But it can sometimes cause severe health complications for both mother and developing baby.high bp is common,it could be due to obesity too.gestational hypertension or high BP starts post 20th week,and usually resolves post delivery.normal pressure should be anywhere close to 120/80 mm Hg.keep monitoring your BP everyday at the same time. Certain tips that you can follow to manage it: 1- lower intake of salt/sodium in diet 2-take your prenatal vitamins regularly 3- if no medication is prescribed,take it regularly 4- avoid caffeine 5- stay physically active Uncontrolled high BP could lead to serious health complications like preterm labor ,placental abruption,birth defects, breathing issues in labor.
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Question: Past two months i got my period earlier than it actually occur.. and I felt bleeding is one day only after one day its like white discharge in the color of periods.. now i am in 20th day from my last period was started. Today i take home test, its negative.. and i feel too sleepy all of the day. What it means?
Answer: Hi! Its normal, few days plus minus in period is not considered to be anything serious. It doesnt even create any issue in pregnancy. The sleepy feel is may b due to tiredness and fatigue, take ample rest , good food and lots of water, you will feel better. Good luck!
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