14 months old baby

Question: M daughter os 14 month old she is not having any solid food nor fruits nor rice chapati parata nor semi solid food if i force feed her she hardly have 4 spoon thats all what to do please help yaar

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Question: Hi my daughter is 14 months old , she doesn't drink cow milk , formula milk only breastfeeding , I am very much tired to feed her , as she is grown up and she should eat solid food , but she is not interested. What should I do ? Please help
Answer: You can elaichi or kesar or tea masala(home-made) in milk n than try to giver her.. you can use colorful glass bottle.. try something new or interesting for baby.. you can give khichdi.. besan chilla rice..dosa.upma pohaa etc erc. try new dish... As adults we like variety even baby want every day new food.. just. Try n try u will succeed.. hope this help to u ...
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Question: My 18 months old baby not having food she don't feel hungry only... wat to do .... plz help me
Answer: Some baby are fussy eaters . When baby is playing you should offer foods. Now give different foods . Baby can eat everything . When you will eat take baby with your self . Baby will also eat. Give small at one time.
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Question: My baby is 1.5 year old from last one week she is not eating food only I am very much tensed she won't even open her mouth for lunch hardly shr will have two spoons what to do should I consult a doctor or should I give worm medicine to baby
Answer: There may be many reasons , baby might be teething or baby must have iron deficiency you should consult doctor to check for iron deficiency,
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