30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 7 months pregnant..I got bit protein traced in my urine...is it ok?

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Answer: No need to worry trace means normal. Drink plenty of water
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Question: I m 3 mnth pregnant...is it ok to do little bit dance in it
Answer: Dear please avoid. You do not know how much is good and how much would do harm so it is better to avoid it while you are pregnant. Hope it helps.
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Question: In my urine test urine albumin is traced, what is urine albumin and what we can do if it is traced?
Answer: Hello mom Microal test is a test to detect very small levels of a blood protein(albumin) in your urine. If you are at risk for kidney damage or kidney disease, it's likely that you've had or will have a microalbumin test U don't worry mom as having small amounts of protein in your urine is common in pregnancy
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Question: Today I noticed little bit redness in urine,M 3rd month pregnant?Is it fine?
Answer: Even i had this problem once and i went to doctor and she said it was infection, so better consult doctor. She suggested me to drink lots of water and juice.avoid outside food if u are having eat home made food, nothing to worry
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