40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 39.5 week pregnant... labour not started yet..doc has called for pelvic assessment test on sat...what is that? Vl she do c sec after that? Or vl she wait for more time?

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Answer: Hi Pelvic assessment is done to check wheather if the labor has started or not.
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    Preksha Dan728 days ago

    And vat is done if it has not started?

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Question: After how much time of inducing labour, the doctors decide on doing c-sec if induction does not work?
Answer: They wait at least for 12 hours and again depending upon the opening of your cervix.
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Question: Baby has not come down yet doctor has called me tomorrow for c sec .having gel like white discharge n pain in vagina
Answer: It cause you are about to have your delivery soon. Don't worry but tomorrow in the morning go to hospital. But if something really disturbing you better go today and ask to stay in hospital
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Question: Hi my 10th month vl start from tomorrow i have very little pain on stomach not any discharge or other symptoms i feel till now.. Doc told me my pelvic bone is narrow but she vl try once for normal delivery on EDD with artificial pain. C vl wait for 6 hr after induce pain if successful thn ok otherwise vl do c sec... My family mem told me to discuss with doc for delivery on 19th oct.. M confused what should i do?? Shld wait till EDD or do as they told me.. Is any chances for normal delivery
Answer: Hi even I have the same problem my due date is on oct19 and Doc me also the same thing
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