38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 37 weeks pregnant getting more taid since morning what I have to do

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Answer: Practise meditation it will relaxes u..
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Question: I m 10 weeks pregnant i m getting stomachache since morning what to do ?
Answer: yes dear. it's very much normal. it happens due to increasing size of the uterus. it is expanding and Creating pressure on the abdomen. drink loads and loads of liquid. either in the form of water, juices, milkshakes, coconut water, soups etc. go for a walk atleast for 20 mins in the morning. if the cramping becomes unbearable then rush to the doctor immediately.
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Question: I'm 37 weeks pregnant... My legs are getting swollen since 3 days... What to do
Answer: Hello dear, swelling in the legs is very common during pregnancy... This can happen if your blood pressure is high or if you are stressed...also eating excessive salt can also cause swelling of legs.. sitting or standing in the Same position for a long time also causes swelling... drinking less water can also cause swelling of your feet .. so please make sure that you are not stressed, avoid eating salty food, take short walks through the day, get a leg massage done, soak your feet and legs in hot water with salt and always remember to keep your feet elevated while sitting and sleeping..
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Question: I m getting very hard stool.. I m 37 weeks pregnant..what to do?
Answer: Hello dear ... To avoid constipation in pregnancy do following things.. Have a fiber rich foods that includes wholewheat,oats, grains and cereals... Include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet.. Eat guava with breakfast it will help a lot Make a habit of eating figs and prunes daily .. Drink lot of water,stay yourself hydrated,also include fresh juice .. Banana smoothie,figs smoothie will be more effective in reducing constipation. If it persist ,it is better to consult doctor,they will prescribe laxative..
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