32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 32 weeks pregnant and I and have digestion problem and I have loose motion problem from past two days ......

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Answer: The most common causes of diarrhea could be the shifting hormones,changes in diet,stress,medication etc.Apart from these diarrhea could also be due to viral,bacterial infections,food poisoning,stomach flu etc. Ideally just give it time, usually it will settle in few days ,check if certain medication is causing the diarrhea and consult your doctor to replace them,Avoid problematic food-stay away from oily,fried,spicy,high fibre and milk and dairy foods. Do not take any over the counter medication without your doctor's permission. Stay hydrated-drink plenty water, apple juice helps too. Certain food help when you have diarrhea like banana,rice,apples and toast. If your condition doesnt improve in a few days or worsens please do contact your doctor
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Question: Hii I m six weeks pregnant,from last two days I have vaginal brownish spotting is it normal
Answer: Hi dear.... Spotting during early weeks of pregnancy is caused by the implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus wall dear... however of this continues for another two to three days please consult with your gynecologist and get it checked dear..
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant and suffering from loose motion.. What to do..plz suggest?
Answer: This is quiet common during pregnancy dear, don't worry.. Try methi and curd.. If this dosent help consult your doctor.
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Question: Is it ok to have the Pan D tablet for loose motion and gastric during pregnancy. From past 3 days I had loose motion, and I was getting acid reflux. So my doctor suggested that tablet.
Answer: Hi dear your query is already answered ...Plz check in app in qna under my questions . Hope it will be helpful .Tc 😊
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