19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 19weeks pregnant and from today i am having fluttering and like baby movement in my pelvic area... Is it something to worry cz m just four months and my baby is moving down in my pelvic area and not my stomach please help m so worried

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Answer: hi dear! i can understand your worry dear but dont panic. your baby is fine . if you feel you can take scan and see if everything is fine with the baby dear. probably its just that the baby is moving alot no other problem dear. dont worry . take care dear.
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Question: I feel something in my left side... like heart bit... is it movement of my baby or something else?? Pls let me know.. Now m 19weeks pregnant...
Answer: Hi! Heartbeat is not understood physically, it might be the first few movements which feels like butterfly flutters which is called quickening and 19 weeks is the ideal time to feel it.. Hope this helps!
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Question: If I feel baby movement in my pelvic area but having not pain is this ok??
Answer: Yes it's absolutely alright. It's just that the baby is moving and getting ready for the delivery. Please count the number of movements too. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids too. Since you don't have any pain it's the best. Take care
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Question: M four and half months pregnant i feel my baby os very down n feel pressure in vagina s if something is gona come out now itself... Just normal white discharge and slight pain time to time and baby fluttering ...please help is everything normal with me n my baby or i need to ee the doc y is my vagina nad lower abdomen feel so heavy in just four month
Answer: Hello! It does happen during pregnancy, but yes if heaviness is too much then please consult the doctor for further guidance. Take care
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