14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 15 week pregnant, my blood group is A neg nd my husbnd's blood group is B+..is there any affct to my baby??

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Answer: Hi, i don't think so there will be any problem with this but you can contact you gynecologist and take a second opinion.
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Question: My blood group is b- and husband's blood group is a+... 'll it cause any problem to baby
Answer: What will happen what is your doubt . Due to different blood groups of parents what is pblm with baby . Make ur question clear it will be easy to help you.
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Question: My blood group is B + nd my hubby's blood group is B (-) .is there any need of some injection..
Answer: Hi dear,if both blood gups different.no problem at all.pregnency not depending on this.so no need of any injection.take healthy food for healthy baby.tq
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Question: Hello...i m 13 week pregnant... my blood group nd my husband blood group are same that is A+ve.is there any complications for child???
Answer: No complications as long as ur Rh+. Ur baby would also share ur blood group. So ur baby will too have A+ blood group.
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