14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: M 14weeks pregnant what would b my normal weight at ts week?...

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Answer: Dear weight forbaby at 14 week should be 43g.
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Question: M 16weeks pregnant...is it good for me tat i eat lots of food, tea,etc....what wud b my baby weight at ts week.?...pla help
Answer: hi dear too much of anything is good for nothing so don't eat anything too much take a limited amount you cannot take at least auto cup of tea everyday morning and evening eat Owaisi breakfast you can take multivitamin healthmax or any other dishes you like and for lunch you can take a limited amount of rice and large amount of vegetables and heard around 11 o'clock in around 5:00 o'clock you can take any snacks alike boiled chickpea peanut, sprouts , lentils like that a dinner make sure it will be easy for you to digest and to have a good sleep add more nuts dates in your diet this will increase weight of the baby and also yours
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Question: Cn i hv a relationship wit my husband at ts month ?m 5months pregnant. N which position is good at ts month?..pls help.
Answer: Yes you can... You on top is the best because it won't put pressure on the uterus
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Question: I m 23 week pregnant. Dr told me i have more liquor than normal..what would b complications ? Any solution ?
Answer: Lower down the consumption of salt. This will help to maintain fliud level.
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