22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lower end of placenta is at a distance of 1.5cm from the internal os... Is that a problem? I am not sure about placenta?? Can u please explain ?

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Answer: It means you need to have bed rest... Keep a pillow under the knee whenever you are lying down,the placenta will go up in some days
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    Niranjana m799 days ago

    Thank you. Walking i can do right

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Question: I am having a breastfeeding problem... can't express milk from my right breast.. not sure if it is a blocked duct problem or not.. my baby cant latch and suck properly from it... However when i express milk from the hand i can see that there is lots of milk...but when i try to pump it does not come out.. my baby also gets very angry when feeding from it... Can you please help?
Answer: You need to relax dear... It might be that you are not comfortable in that poisition due to which the baby also does not feed... I have also faced it.. Try to feed the baby in some other position which makes you comfortable.. Hope this helps you
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Question: Is it normal to have cephalic presentation and low lying placenta (lower margin 1.4cm away from internal os) at 20th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Dear low lying placenta at 20 weeks is bit common in pregnancy as pregnancy grows placenta also moves upwards by the you reaches to term.but you have to be very careful in this time.should not travel, not lift heavy weight, no intercourse , not to travel long distances.be on rest.take care
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Question: In my report... placenta anterior lower edge of placenta is away from the internal os. Upper segment maturity grade 2... what does it mean??
Answer: I had the same the placenta is opposite direction then it suppose to be. N maturity grade 2 is the maturity of ur placenta.
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