14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lots of cold sneezing nd what i do .dr give me medicine cetzine nd alex bt not recovery what i do

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Answer: avoid medications during pregnancy . take a very high boiling water steam should be visible . add Eucalyptus oil few mint A Pinch of turmeric . if you don't have Eucalyptus oil you can use any balm that you have or steaming pill. when you are pregnant the best and the easiest way to get rid of cold in steaming . Cover with quilt or thick blanket and steam . you can repeat it in the evening or the next day morning if necessary . you can have few spoons of Ginger juice mixed with honey.. you can also drink warm mutton soup . and the best choice is to steam . you can definitely feel the relief instantly
Answer: Inhale steam with vicks at regular intervals.
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Question: I have 9 day baby girl.she have lots of sneezing and cold like symptoms..what to do
Answer: Hi please do not worry feed baby frequently so that baby gets antibiotics from mother milk and sneezes reduce you just keep baby warm cover her well especially ears and foot so that cold do not enter into her and cold will reduce give saline nasal spray so that nose will not get blocked you can apply for warm oil on her chest and back just coconut oil if fever starts or any other symptoms start contact doctor take care
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Question: I am suffering from cold with lots of sneezing what is the remedy
Answer: Hello dear, taking steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil helps clear the nasal passages of any irritation causing bacteria or viruses..also drinking a mixture of pepper, cinnamon, clove, jeera, dhaniya seeds and turmeric roasted and powdered mixed in a glass of boiling hot water..add honey if required.. this will help in improving blood circulation and getting rid of infection causing bacteria and viruses...
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Question: my baby is having cold cough... m giving her alex junior... bt it's not working properly... wat should i do?
Answer:  Before using these remedies make sure your baby are not allergic to anything and any severe throat cough should need medical advice .these remedies might not work well. 1. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets . Sinarest vapo caps also works well. 2. Sleep the infants with head upwards direction using a soft pillow. 3. Mix 5 to 10 teaspoon of mustard oil with crushed garlic and ajwain seeds and tadka. After it is cooled, strain the mixture and store in a bottle. When needed, warm a little and apply on the child’s chest, forehead and back . 4. Vicks vapour rub(baby rub) for kids rub on the child’s feet and leave the socks on, it can also be applied on chest. 5. Mix the ginger juice with honey make a thin solution of just a quarter tsp of it give it to your toddler above 1 year. 6. You can make tulsi, ginger , cloves tea and give few tsp twice a day to your toddler. 7. Steam in every 3-4 hours. 8. Roast the Ajwain and take a soft muslin cloth and make a potli .. when warm apply gently on chest and back for chest congestion.
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Question: What should i take to get rid of cold/ sneezing? Or which medicine should i take?
Answer: Hello dear, you can try this for cold and sneezing. Some pregnant women experience a sharp pain radiating around their belly when they sneeze. ... To get rid of, You may also try:.... Use a neti pot to clear out your sinuses with a saline solution or distilled water.  Use a humidifier at night to prevent dry air from irritating your nasal passages. You may be allergic to something in your home or office, like mold or dust. An air purifier can help with this..... Use a saline nasal spray to clear out the sinuses.... keep your head elevated on your pillow while resting, or use nasal strips. Suck on ice chips, drink warm tea, or gargle with warm salt water. Mix honey, ginger juice and apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and take it. It will help to cure cold, cough and sore throat. Homemade lemonade, bone broth, herbal teas, coconut water and this special electrolyte drink are all fantastic. Stay away from caffeine as this can further dehydrate you.. If you have abdominal pain when you sneeze, try holding your belly or lying on your side in the fetal position. Use a pregnancy belt may help reduce sneeze-related abdominal pain.... Eating foods rich in vitamin C, like oranges, may help naturally boost your immune system.
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