12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lot of breathlessness ..i am 11 week pregnant ...is it ok ..?? As it is one of the symptoms in pregnancy ..!! But still i feel i am having it too much

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Answer: same is the case with me..
Answer: Better to consult doctor.
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Question: No symptoms of pregnancy but still pregnant is all ok?
Answer: Yes dear, it is completely normal and nothing to worry no morning sickness means you baby is adjusting with your body changes, every women takes to pregnancy different some women have every symptoms and some lucky girl have no symptoms enjoy your time that you feel good it could change at any minute. if you have doubt you can consult your doctor also.
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant ,there is lot of pain in my back ,but i dont feel cramp is it ok
Answer: Hello dear Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint, and it's no wonder. You're gaining weight, your center of gravity changes, and your hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of your pelvis. To get relief try these remedies: 1. Take rest as much as possible as strenuous physical activities will aggravate your pain. 2. Have warm water baths as they help in relaxing strained muscles and muscle pains. 3. Use a hot water bag or a cold pack to alleviate the pain.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant still I am not having any pregnancy symptoms it is normal?
Answer: it is actually fairly common for women to not notice any symptoms of pregnancy in the first weeks or months. Every woman will have a different pregnancy and because of this, not every woman will experience each of the common symptoms like gas, bloating, food cravings, morning sickness, and nausea. In reality, the most common symptom is actually a feeling of increased fatigue and some women won’t even notice this. Therefore, pregnant but no symptoms is quite possible.
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