34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Loose loop of umbilical cord is seen around fetal neck?? What does it meen??what to do now...pls help... What is size dysparity mean.my baby weight 1881 gram?? Is it over weight?

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Question: Single loop of umbilical cord is seen around the neck ...what does it mean... And is there anything to worry...
Answer: It means the baby's neck is wrapped with the umbilical cord (hvng one round of it on neck) at this moment it's not the point to worry about, because the baby at this moment initially starting its growth in a pattern and with the movements or rotations inside they itself will remove this cord from the neck.
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Question: Loose loop of umbilical cord is seen around fetal neck what does it mean? Is there anything to worry about?
Answer: It means that umbilical cord is being stuck in you babies neck bt that was a loose round and possibly to get rid it off bt if the loops get tight then the problem increase that you have to go with c section
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Question: In my reports it is showing single loose loop of umbilical cord seen around fetal neck....so anything is serious??
Answer: Nothing to worry.... Due to baby movement cord is looped around neck and sometimes with the movement the loop is removed.
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