7 months old baby

Question: Looks like our swallow tiny piece of cloth into her mouth as we could not find it around her. We worried if she has consumed it. Any immediate action require. As if now she does not have any symptoms of it

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Question: Hello ma'am my baby is 8 months old. But still can't sit on her own. She comes into crawl position. She cries to seek our attention. Without any options we need to hold her in our arms. Is it OK
Answer: hi maam. this is d month wen baby starts to show love and affection on parents.. so need not to worry that baby is crying to seek ur attention. and comes to point u r telling that ur baby doesnt sit.. different babies have differences in achieving milestones.. so need not worry. u pls train her to sit with ur support..
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Question: Hi my baby is keeping her thumb finger in mouth... if I take it she s crying .... if she s hungry she s not crying first she keeping her finger... can any say any solution ?
Answer: Keep the gloves to the hands so that she will not keep the hands in mouth
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Question: My baby is 5 months old. She is lifting her head up properly when she rolls over. But sometimes when we take her into our hands she is looking down only. Not lifting her head up. Is that any problem?
Answer: My baby also does same bt no proble..now she looks up so dont wory let her take own time..she will lift her head
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