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Question: Lmp was 9th jan....pregnancy confirmed on 20th feb with 92 bhcg dn repeatd the test after 48 hrs bhcg was 193 ...dr gave me susten200 now is it safe to take coriosurge 5k inj ir not and plz clear mi point nd when i do mi first ultrasound?????

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Answer: hi dear! so susten is given to maintain the pregnancy its a progesterone supplement dear. and it wont cause any harm to the baby as its a normal occuring hormone dear. and the coriosurge is an hcg hormone and its given to support the pregnancy and the hcg levels dear as the hcg levels are low dear . and you will have to take your scan anytime this week dear to see the heart activity . so do the scan and take the reports to your doctor dear. take care dear.
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    Sanna Barbie606 days ago

    I did my scan but there is only sac...dr told me repeat it after 2 Wks....till den take coriosurge5k inj twice in a is there any chance of prgnancy or not

Answer: Hi dear, Your HCG levels are doubling so not to worry.your HCG seems to be low ,so coriosurge injection is must.susten is progesterone supplement,given to sustain the pregnancy till you get baby heart beat detected.first ultrasound is done between 6-10 weeks.yoy can get it done in next two weeks,since HCG levels needs to be above 1500 to see any gestational might take some get done in another 10 days.
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Question: I have bhcg 193 ...dr gave me susten200 but mi friend she is also a dr advice me to take coriosurge 5k i m confuse what should i do bcz after 4 years struggle i conceive....plz help me
Answer: Hi dear, Coriosurge is a HCG hormone injection,while susten 200 is are just 4 weeks pregnant,so your beta HCG levels are 193,as long as it doubles in 2-3 days,donot worry.if you conceive late in cycle then the HCG levels in your blood would be it's important to know in 2-3 days again.i won't prescribe HCG now unless I know your consecutive levels.suatem is given to sustain the pregnancy till you eat baby heart beat detected.i was given it please go by your regular doctor advice.
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Question: My lmp 9th jan 2019 ....bhcg was 92 on 20th feb....den 193 on 23rd and today 02nd march is 5,508 now i dnt know xactly which wk is going on....muje kitna tym hua hai conceive kre dere eveeything ok in my pregnancy....1st scan muje kb krwana chahiye ab...???
Answer: hello dear,with the time your HCG hormone level will increase because of pregnancy so it's ok. as you said your LMP is 9th of January then this is your second month of pregnancy i.e. 5th week is rumning. You should do your first scan between 8 to 14 weeks. I hope my information will help you. all the best dear.
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Question: Hi ,.....i m confuse about my pregnancy bcoz i have irregular periods problm....lmp was 9th jan after tat i did my P/T on 14 th feb but it was negative......after tat i repeat test on 20th feb and fortunatly it was positive den dr gave me susten200 bcz i have low bhcg which was 5,508on 2nd march. After dis 5th march i did my 1st tvs but dr told me gastational sac is 7.8mm nd there is no F.S, Y.S., C.A. now dr told me repeat it after 2 wks......if there is growth den itz gud otherwise not i m worried why dis was happen with me....what is d reason behind this.......r ye kese pta chalega muje kutna tym hua hai conceive kiye hue bcz dr told nothing about dis?? ....plz clear my queries plz plz plz
Answer: Dear acc to your last menstural period u r 8 weeks almost.. Amd if doc has not seen any cardiac activity or yolk sac till now, then you must be very careful because it indicate that growth is not well defined, if doc does not see any cardiac activity in next scan , then she might ask u to abort the baby.. But dont worry sometimes CA is not seen till 9 weeks
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