18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Lmp or usg me differently kiu hota h ? Or ham konsi baby due date ko correct maane.usg ya lmp?

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Answer: How much difference?
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    samreen ansari641 days ago

    Around 10 to 12 days

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Question: Edd konsi thk hoti h lmp wali ya usg wali
Answer: scan are more accurate as they are going off the actual size of baby. The LMP dates are just rough ideas for before your scan. The LMP method relies on the assumption that you ovulated at a very set time, and again this is an average and a woman could ovulate immediately after her period or just before the next one, so again this is not perfect
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Question: lmp due date or usg due date is accurate.It often changing for me
Answer: Hi dear with the lmp the calculation is only manual adding to 280 days but with the USD the actual baby's growth is checked and that is why it keeps changing but it is more accurate.
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Question: Doctor provide me 2 due date ones is lmp due date 2nd is USG due date, and usg date is before 1 week from lmp date, so wich one is correct?
Answer: Hello! Always consider the due date as per the lmp. The usg due date keeps on changing, hence it is better to consider the lmp date only. Take care
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