13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Light bleeding occurr is dat normal

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Answer: Hello dear sincere 13 weeks pregnant you should consult to doctor regarding the bleeding because one of my friend had bleeding in 12th week of pregnancy and later on she was diagnosed with low lying placenta so please consult a doctor
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Question: Is light bleeding normal during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, Any kind of bleeding in pregnancy is not safe.you must check with doctor.although 1 st trimester spotting in normal scenario could be either due to low progesterone levels,or sudden growth spurt.but one cannot rule out anything worse.so it's always better to check with doctor in case of any kind of bleeding..
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Question: After internal scan am getting light bleeding is dat ohk
Answer: Hello! Bleeding after internal scan is common. However, also ple consult with the doctor.
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Question: Light bleeding ,is it normal? Plz reply
Answer: No, go to doc for check up, dont take any kind of risk..
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