9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Less nausea and vomiting compared to previous pregnancy... Any complication regarding fetus ? I am worried

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Answer: No. It is completely normal to have no vomit at all. I don't have any vomit yet. Its my 4th month.
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Question: I m in my 27 week of pregnancy, and baby movements are less. As compared to previous weeks.
Answer: Hi dear, As the baby grows,there is too little space for it to move around. Hence you can see a sudden drop in baby movements.which is certainly normal. Do not worry if your scans are normal.Counting baby movements.Ideally a baby should move 10 times in 2 hours. You should also note that, certain babies set pattern of movement.some babies are active during day time while some are active during night. Also donot panic if you don't feel 10 kicks in 2 hours,do wait for another 2 hours. You need to wait for 3 - 4 days for any such division.if in doubt do check with your doctor.
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Question: Mam am 34weeks pregnant n am feeling less movements compared to previous is that normal or what??
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you Its normal that you feel less moves as the baby is getting bigger and space smaller. Nothing to worry about but keep a track on ur baby moves in a day atleast 10 times baby should move. Hope my answer was helpful
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Question: Hello doctor.iam 25weeks pregnant and not feeling baby movements frequently is there any problem? I mean I am feeling some less movements compared to my previous week
Answer: Hi dear maybe this time the baby is taking rest or sleeping that is the reason you are feeling less movement but please wait for sometime have some Cold Water walk a little have something sweet you can feel the difference but if it remains the same then you can definitely go to your doctor and can check but as far as I know if you are getting to feel the movement on a daily basis there is nothing to be worried about.. Hope this helps!
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