8 months old baby

Question: Left side tirgi padkunte left side heart hands leg pain vastundi,ekva time etu side padkuna prblm atlne undi reason chepndi

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Question: left side leg pattukuntundi padukoni levalante chala pain ga undi andhuku ela
Answer: hi mam when you sleep on left side the whole pressure will fall on your left leg that is the reason why you get more left leg pain during pregnancy in this will be alright in few days you can apply hot water composition on the legss to get rid of a relief from pain
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Question: Pain in between left leg n vagina while sleeping to left side it pain .wat is d reason behibd it.
Answer: Hi dear first of all this pain that you are referring to this pain is on your vaginal bone for that your pelvis area of paints and you are finding difficulty in walking or taking turns while you are asleep now this things are very common during 37 38 weeks of pregnancy because it might be that your baby has already fallen into the birth canal and pushing itself This can happen and the other thing is that your uterus is grown because your baby is also big now and it is putting a lot of pressure on the vaginal bone hence it is happening so for these two reasons this is normal and common don't worry this will be on and off and it is around 3 more weeks for you .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Naku 2months epudu left side pain vastundi what is the reason
Answer: Baga pain osthe doctor ni consult avvandi injection estharu
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