38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Last week I got my report written as ceph and 4/5. What does that mean? Also baby weight was clinically 3 to 3.2kg. Is it normal?

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Question: Iam 9th month pregnant. Doctor has written ceph in my labour record. What does it mean?
Answer: Hi,this mean cephalic which is the baby position ,cephalic position is the position bin which it is baby s head down ,it is an ideal position for the normal delivery.
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Question: Hi dr. I wamt to know.. Dat yesterday we got d report of my husband sperm ..it was written at last 1-2/HPF leukocytes present... What does that mean.... Is it normal
Answer: HI, it is normal to have a few leukocytes in sperm test.1-2/HPF leukocytes is normal
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Question: I my NT scan report placenta was written as anterior low. What does it mean. But doctor was not concerned
Answer: Hi, A low lying placenta is not uncommon – and not often a problem. The placenta might choose to implant low, high, posterior (back) or anterior (front). After an ultrasound – usually the 20 week scan – you might be told you have a low lying placenta.
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