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Question: Last time after delayed periods i got a faint line and a dark line after 10 days delayed and my doc told i am pregnant but two days later i heavy bleeding what could be the reason please answer

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Answer: Hi! I'm sorry to read this and I can understand what have you been through but please don't worry and don't lose hope you can again be pregnant and this time successfully but I think that the last time which has happened has happened due to sustainability issues the pregnancy could not be sustained may be due to a lot of deficiencies but the next time you plan please do let your doctor know before hand so that you can be supplemented with you know Folic acid and iron and progesterone supplements etc. to sustain that pregnancy.. Hope this helps!
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    sreepriya uday601 days ago

    Thanks for your timely reply

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Question: What could be the reason for delayed periods after delivery... Mine occurs after 33-40 days..
Answer: hi this could be because as your feeding it needs to hormonal changes in the body are there for that any possibility of the imbalance in the period cycle but it is still advisable to consult to the doctor to be on the safer side
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Question: Faint line detect on pregancy test n 2 days after i got bleeding
Answer: Dear faint line means you are pregnant but pregnancy is weak. And 2-3 drops bleeding is nothing to worry. If you have continue then immediately consult a good gynoclosit and start medicine.
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Question: What if after missed periods, i checked on forth day i got a two lines one is dark and other too faint pink.... And now I checked again after 12 days of missed period. .... I got a single pink line.....
Answer: Hi dear in this case I will suggest u to go to visit doctor and get ur blood check up. That will be the better option to know ur correct pregnancy status.
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