29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Last 2days se baby moments less feel ho rhe h par jab bhi stomach par hath rakhti hu toh kick feel hota h

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Question: Mai 19 week pregnant hu.. par muje abhi bhi beby ke moments feel nai ho raha.. Kab beby ke moments feel kar sakte hai... plz tel
Answer: You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. baby's movements as butterflies, nervous twitches, or a tumbling motion. At first, it may be hard to tell whether your baby has moved. Second- and third-time moms are more adept at distinguishing those first baby movements from gas, hunger pangs, and other internal motions. By your second and third trimesters, the movements should be more distinct, and you'll be able to feel your baby's kicks, jabs, and elbows.
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Question: i m 35 week prego aje morning se muje baby movemet feel ho rahi h.. bt baby kick ekdam less feel ho rahi h.. kyare normal h
Answer: Movement can slow down as you get closer to your due date for one simple reason: the baby is running out of room to move. While he used to be flipping and rolling in your womb, he simply does not have the space to do that anymore. Less movement, then, can be a natural process during pregnancy. A total lack of movement, however, is a cause for concern, so contact your health care provider as soon as you notice a lack of movement. Your doctor will likely want to see you to check for the baby's heartbeat or even perform an ultrasound to rule out any potential complications with the pregnancy. 
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Question: Morning me uththi hu toh hath parh bahut dukhte h chalna bhi muskil hota h
Answer: Aisa mere sath bhi hota tha maine apne gyne. Se poocha tha us waqt unhone mujhe bataya jab baby grow kerta hai to uterus aur organs ko push kerta hai nerves bhi kabhi kabhi dub jati jiski wajah se dard hota hai.
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