36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: LFT Test Report AST/SGOT -68 , ALT/SGPT -145, ALK PHOSPHATE - 170, SERUM TOTAL BILE - 10.20 What is all this ???

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Question: My wife blood report SGPT (ALT) - 58.0& SGOT(AST) - 55.0.Doctor prescibe UDILIV-150 medicine. Why dr this medicine? Is it any problem?
Answer: This will take care of liver. LFT test shows a little hugh reading. Its only for ur wifes benefit i believe. Still doc can tell you better.
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Question: My HB level is 6.my LFT report is not normal sgpt,sgot and serum alkaline phosphate all are above from normal range,thoyroid is also 8.3.plz suggest me what to do
Answer: Hi kindly consult your gyno soon. It needs to be treated with medicines. Have pomogranate, orange,raisins,whole eggs,beetroots,carrots,seasame seeds,rajma,dates to increase your HB. But for lft's you need immediate attention to get it in range sis
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