16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Kya fish ly sakhty hy pregnancy mai

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Answer: Hello dear. You should limit how much you eat of these fish to two portions a week. Shark, swordfish and marlin contain much higher levels of mercury, so you shouldn't eat these fish at all while you're pregnant. Instead, you can eat as much as you want of any of the following salmon, tilapia, shrimp, tuna (canned-light), cod, and catfish.  You can also confirm this with your doctor before consuming. Take care.
Answer: Yas its is very good to health... Fish is the source of Omega fatty as well vitamin B12...
Answer: Ha Bilkul lesakte
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Question: 7 month old baby ko chocolate dy sakhty hy kia??
Answer: Avoid it dear. Baby's will keep asking you ones you introduce chocolate in so early age. It's not good. It's contains sugur choco artificiall flovours which is not good.
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Question: Hi kya mai pamphlet fish kha sakhty ho bhuth craving horahy hy
Answer: Hi, hain moderation mein lein sakte hain. Par achi tarah paka ke khaye. Pamphlet acha hain pregnancy mein, isiliye tension mat karein.
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Question: Mjy pochna ta k normal dilivery k ly kya krna chy hy mera 7thmonth hy pregnancy ka?
Answer: Normal and c sec are all last minute circumstances which includes baby weight , cord looping, dilation, head diameter of baby and position of baby. But we can give are best to have normal through following: 1 Watch ur weight and exercise regularly. It’s important to not put on excessive weight during your pregnancy. Don’t forget to exercise every day, start with a 10-15 minute walk and gradually increase it to 40 minutes daily. U can also have soft squats but maintain ur balance.  2 Have good nutrition so that u have good stamina at the time of delivery.Eat small meals every 3-4 hours, and keep yourself well hydrated. Make it a point not to skip any meals during pregnancy. vegetables, protein (lentils, milk, cheese, Yogurt etc) and whole grains, coconut water, fruits ,dry fruits.
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