15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Just adding prior to conceive i was having PCOD but that time TSH and T3 n T4 all are normal

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Question: My t3 n t4 is increased but my tsh is normal is that any effect to my baby
Answer: Hllo dear u r 27 weeks pregnant dear ur t3 nd t4 s increased if u take medicine it 'll not harmful for baby .consult ur dr and take thyroid medicine regularly..U should go 4 walk daily for 15 to 30 min..twice a day...try these remedies also... Take 2 spoon of coconut oil &mix it wit a glass of milk and drink it in night before bed time.., -Vit A s very useful to treating thyroid. ..add vit A rich eggs &carrorts in ur diet..,All B complex Vit are effective to increase thyriod glands..,Take Vit D rich food as Fatty Fish..Orange..Soy milk ..cheese...egg yolk.., Add all salads in.ur diet .as cucumber ..kakri ..carrort etc..,Avoid Calliflower Cabbage Brocoli ..it contains natural chemicals called Goitrogens that can interfere wit thyroid harmone synthesis..
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Question: Iam having TSH level 6 and T3,T4 ranges are normal..iam trying for Pregnency..
Answer: Hi dear, You have high TSH.this is not good for conceiving.so better to start treatment and bring it down to 3.
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Question: What if T3 and T4 are normal and TSH raised
Answer: Its hypothyroidism. . U should consult doc n start medicine
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