1 months old baby

Question: Its my first baby girl she was born on 1st feb '19 with 3kg weight it was my Caesarean in 37weeks now she has lost weight its 2.5kg is it big concern? what should i do to increase her weight? In how much time should i feed ? both side feeding time pls suggest so that my baby gets enough milk as required ?

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Answer: Hello dear 🙂 congratulations and welcome to motherhood there is nothing to worry about baby loose some of there weight after birth as they settle themselves to the new environment and start gaining after some days🙂 so just take care of your baby and feed her regularly
Answer: Just check whether you are having enough milk. Try taking good food which increases breast milk. And you should feed baby at least 20 minutes
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Question: My baby was weighing 3.8kg when she was 6 week old.. her weight was 3.8 when she was born also. She lost lot of weight in 1st month. Her weight went down to 3kg. Now also her weight gain seems very slow. She is still very lean. What shall I do.
Answer: Hi! Please don't worry maybe it is taking a little time for your baby to gain weight but please keep the baby on breastfeeding and short the health will definitely increase and looking lean doesn't really mean that the baby is sick or unwell which is lean babies can be healthy to and babies come in all sizes so please don't worry as long as the babies pee and Poop count is good and the baby is active .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 6 months old...she was born with a weight of 2.5kg..now she is 5.6...how to increase baby weight
Answer: Since she is 6 months u can start solids as complimentary food purees like banana apples carrot avacoda beetroot which are healthy but follow three day rule also invite ragi and rice cereal
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Question: My baby is 2.5 months old her weight is just 4.6kg when was born she was 3kg .. Is it ok
Answer: Hi..its a good weight dear.. Babies double their birth weight by 6 months.. and by 1year they weight about 10kgs.. feed her for every couple of hours.. all the best..
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