11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Its my 11th week.. fasting sugar 118 and after food 105.. is it normal ?

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Answer: Hi .. U need to take care of ur sugar level else it will have chances of affecting ur baby growth .. Consult ur doctor asap
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Question: I have sugar un fasting 102 and after 2 hours 118,am i gestational diabetic
Answer: hi dear! no dear you are not diabetic dear. dont worry dear but you will need to do a test after few weeks again . as your fasting levels are a little increased but borderline dear. take care.
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Question: I have fasting blood sugar 80 and GTT after 2 hrs is 118
Answer: Your sugar level are normal now at this stage. But pregnancy get advance baby's weight n growth will increase,so may be sugar levels also get increase. So you have watch on your sugar level. Do some exercises and increase protein intake in your diet. This will help you to manage sugar
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Question: before food sugar 105 and after food sugar 135 is it normal or problem ?
Answer: Is it normal for now.. But keep a track of ur sugar regularly and follow ur doctor's instructions thoroughly as the sugar levels may vary as u progress with ur pregnancy
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