9 months old baby

Question: Its has been eight months but still I didn't get my periods once also.. My milk production is high and I am feeding her.. Can you please please whether it is a problem and what t

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Answer: hi if your feeding a baby you may not get your period still you are feeling your baby once you stop feeding a baby after 1 week you can start getting a normal periods therefore there is nothing to worry in this
Answer: Some mommies won't get periods till they breast feed. Every thing is depend on your body. Don't worry it's completely normal
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Question: My baby is 3 months old and still i didn't get my periods
Answer: After delivery, it will take few months for periods to start..may take 6 months to one year.. don't worry..if u r breast feeding, it will get delayed.. and it can be irregular also..but use contraception as there are chances of pregnancy.
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Question: Its been 7 months of delivery Still didn't get my periods After delivery how many months it takes to get regular periods??
Answer: Hi dear, after delivery you can get your regular menstrual period as early as from 1 months and as late as after one year of your delivery. If you are a fully lactating mother then it may delay and irregular. But if you have unprotected sex during this period then take a pregnancy test to exclude chances of pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 13 months old still I didn't get periods is it a problem
Answer: Hi dear,I think u should consult with doctor..generally a new mother got her period on 12 month after delivery..So talk with her once..
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