1 months old baby

Question: Its been 40 days of my c section ....can i eat junk food....does it affect my breastfeeding

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Answer: Hello dear, as you are a lactating mother you should completely avoid junk food, processed food. It could cause gas or stomach upset in your baby. Try to eat home made yummy and delicious food.
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Question: Its been 40 days since my C section and I still have bleeding Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear For most women, the bleeding that happens after a delivery (whether it is a vaginal delivery or a C-section) lasts no more than 6 weeks on average. Some women only bleed for 4 weeks, and some can bleed for up to 8 weeks.Some women will have bleeding  that continues for longer than normal
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Question: Its been 34 days of c section delivery,i feel feverish today,whether i can take medicine,does it affect baby while feeding?
Answer: Hi, it is important to know the cause of fever. it could be due to multiple reasons. contact your doctor to get a diagnosis before recieving medication. do not try to self medicate.
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Question: Can i eat normal food after 40 days of C-section and tell me what food should i avoid?
Answer: Avoid cooling foods,pulses,fruits ,some foods that harmful ur baby like stomach pain,itching,over heat to body ,cough,cold etc ,avoid for 3 months
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