25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Itiching in palm and feet in pregnancy 25th month

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Answer: Pls increase the intake of water.Use coconut oil in your Palm ND feet.Its common in pregnancy, I m also suffering from dis problem.You can take coconut water also.
Answer: Same issue :plz any one reply
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Question: Itching in Palm and feet
Answer: Hi dear.. it is very common during last stages of pregnancy. If you are facing more itching then please contact doctor and have medicine
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Question: Pain in my feet palm
Answer: Hello dear, this is because of the pressure of your whole body falls on your feet.. getting a foot massage done and dipping your legs in hot water with epsom salt will help reduce the pain...
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Question: Itching in palm of hands and feet please help
Answer: Get a liver function test done. You may be suffering from obstetric cholestasis which shouldn't be ignored. Use aloe and calamine based mosturisers on affected areas for relief.
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Question: Iam having itching on my palm and feet in 25 weeks of pregnancy what to do
Answer: During pregnancy itching is very common,it is because of dry ness of skin, insufficient water intake. You can apply lactocalmine lotion or alo era gel on your body.it will relief you. Also apply Himalaya anti rash cream. After applying this product you're not get relief then you have to do Liver function test. If liver enzymes are increased then itching is there. During pregnancy Liver enzymes are increased.so doctor will advise you medicine for same, Don't ignore this itching .
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