Few days old baby

Question: Itching on stomach area...??? 😢

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Question: I just feel to scratch over my body. It's itching too much on my stomach area
Answer: Hii these itching is happening due to stretching of ur skin as . for itching u can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply in itchy area. Let it get dry and then wash it with warm water. it is quite common to get stretch marks during pregnancy.
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Question: Lot of itching on stomach and navel area. But only at night time.
Answer: Hi dear, Basically u have to keep ur skin moisturized bio oil is thick n this product mainly works by improving the elasticity in skin, which means that stretch marks and scars have a harder time to form, and the existing marks will fade away.
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Question: I hv itching on my stomach area please suggest
Answer: Apply some moisturizing creams like aloevera gel, coconut oil, almond oil and massage gently. Drink more water and stay hydrated. Avoid rubbing with nails it ll harm your skin.
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