37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Itching on lower abdomen at night. What to use...

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Answer: Apply little coconut oil on the itchy area..it will give you relief..if problem still persists then ask your gynecologist to recommend a dusting powder a mild medicine.
Answer: You should try coconut oil thrice in a day.....
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Question: Is it safe to use maternity abdomen belt at night?
Answer: Hello dear, it depends on your comfort level...if you feel comfortable wearing it while sleeping you can wear it.. i personally didn't feel comfortable sleeping with it so i used to wear it the whole day and take it off while sleeping because i felt my ribs hurting while sleeping with the belt on..
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Question: My lower abdomen is itching badly.... What to do??
Answer: Hi dear as your abdomen is continuously growing it creates stretching of the skin in lower abdominal area which can give you itchyness. Applying ice pack on that area followed by thick coating of Aloe Vera Gel can give you some relief.
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Question: Itching on lower abdominal at night time, is it normal?
Answer: It is normal in pregnancy my dear ... because of growth of Ur baby in stomach
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