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Question: It's been 12 days since I got stitches after delivery bt now stitches pains a lot and I can't even sit comfortably. pls suggest if it's normal or not?

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Answer: Consult your gynaec dear.. if those stitches are painful after 2weeks it's a sign of infection.. just consult your gynaec and confirm that everything is fine in that area
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Question: After normal delivery I have 3 stitches ,now it's almost 12 days it's not cure, I can't sit even feeding also problem plz suggest me solution
Answer: Hi. Following may help. Keep the area clean and dry. Foment with hot water 2-4 times a day add dettol in water pat dry the area and After that apply a anticeptic cream. Dont walk much. If its important then only walk. Sit straigt and strech your leg out and sit. Never fold your leg and sit. Or keep a lot of space between legs while sitting. Avoid oily and spicy now. After stiches are heald you can start having them again. Hope yout get well soon.
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Question: Hi.... ! I got normal delivery..bt i got stitches... It pains a lot. How to cure diz stitches???
Answer: Stitches will dissolve automatically. For pain ask ur gynac. She will give u some ointment. While taking bath take hot compress
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Question: I HD my car section delivery on 24 august... N after having a loose motion for 5 days now I'm facing problem in passing stool n it's vry painful after pooping even after two three hours can't sit... Pls suggest
Answer: U should nt do pressure at this time...stitches may affect so enema is a good option
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