33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It is said that colostrum start releasing during eighth month of pregnancy.This is not the case with me.Does this mean I will not be able to produce sufficient milk after my child is born?

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Answer: Hey....there is nothing like that it is not necessary, pregnancy is not same for everyone. I was in same situation (no colostrum) but now feeding my baby properly from the very first day so just keep calm and be ready to welcome your baby 🙂
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Question: Hi all. I want to know that during this pandemic time is it safe to plan iui? In case of unexplained infertility iui will be sucessfull or not??
Answer: Intrauterine insemination have only 30% red of success in first tried so you may have to take multiple cycle of iui during this process. If your age is less than 30 I will suggest u to wait for 6 months or more and then you plan & till that time you can keep trying with natural process. All the best.
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Question: Breast milk is very watery almost everytime..rarely will be thick...is it normal...will watery milk will be enough for baby...she is not pooping also, will this be the reason..
Answer: Dear is you are not taking good diet than only this happens. You need to add dry fruits and dry fruits Laddo in your diet. Take food extra . Keep offering you milk 2-3 hour. If baby is not taking proper feed than it may happen . Massage baby stomach with warm oil.
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Question: It is said that formula milk fed babies develop constipation, is it true? Which formula milk is the best, which will not cause constipation ?
Answer: Usually sb formula milk. Se constipation hota hi hai
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