6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: It is my 6 th week of pregnancy and i have gained a considerable amount of weight. I didn't get to notice because my clothes fit me well. I am really worried about my weight.

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Answer: hi dear it is always suggested to start your pregnancy with a healthy weight because during pregnancy weight gain is very common and normal around 11 to 15 kgs of weight can be increased during the pregnancy phase however if you have already noticed that the weight gain has been much more than needed you can still control your diet please go of sugar completely do not take junk food oily and fried items also eat whenever you are hungry and keep snacking in between so that you do not eat much at a go whenever you are hungry have lots and lots of water keep urself active walk on a daily basis.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My son is 9.5 kg at 6 months, he gained weight because of formula, i am worried because of weight, is it normal?! Kindly help
Answer: Dear usually babies double their birth weight by 6 months...but even my baby was at almost triple by 6 months even though he was on breastfeeding..but doctor said not to worry and feed on demand.. slowly when he started solid food his weight gain reduced...and is at a normal weight only..now people say he has lost weight 😄 don't worry...he will adjust the weight slowly..😊
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Question: It's been a month now I have not gained any weight it's constant. Is it something to get worried of
Answer: Hi dear usually till 25 th week ladies don't gain much weight and its fine. Do take care of ur diet and don't miss doctor visit.
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Question: Hi... my baby movements was systematic n evident during 22 n 23rd week.. now it has reduced to a considerable amount... am worried.. what should I be doing?
Answer: Hi have a glass of juice and lay down at left. If u still don't get atleast 10 movement in 2 hours .
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