2 months old baby

Question: Is waking up a sleeping baby and feed him right? Or we should wait him to wake and cry for feed?

2 Answers
Answer: Better to avoid a sleeping to waking up for feeding. They will wake themselves when the stomach empty. Time time long gap between the feeds is a normal thing.
Answer: Waking up and feed is right if bahut tym ho gaya hai after every 2 hrs you must give her
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Question: Should me feedbaby every 2 hourly.. if baby is sleeping should we weight for him to get up.. or we should feed me by waking them up
Answer: Yeah wake them up and feed ur baby frequently dear in every 2 to 3 hours gap
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Question: My baby is sleeping for 3-4hrs continuosly at daytime.he is not even waking up for milk.should i wake him up to feed him or should i let him sleep??
Answer: You should wake him and feed incase of continuous sleeping upto 4 hrs..
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Question: Should i wake a sleeping baby to feed him?
Answer: Of course wo to soyega hi bt apko time time se feed krna hoga
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