28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is threading safe during pregnancy? And clean-up too?

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Question: Is it safe to do threading and waxing during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear, this time skin is very sensetive. you can do wax and threading. But you should consider about this. Done by a professional at a salon or spa, or at home using your own store-bought kit. If you find that your skin is too sensitive for waxing during pregnancy, there are other options for hair removal. Depending on where the unwanted hair is, you might be able to simply use tweezers. This is best for smaller  area. Immediately after waxing, avoid harsh sunlight and tanning. Hope it helped Take care urself...  
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Question: is fruit facial and eyebrow threading safe during pregnancy!
Answer: Dont go for facial. Becoze of massageing blood circulation will improve to ur face.. Soo for babys it will slow down...
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Question: Is it safe to do facial and threading during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, yes it's completely fine just make sure to go to your regular parlour and regular products. Avoid experimenting.
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