22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there is any risk to have placenta anterior at 21weeks scan

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Answer: It's completely normal Don't worry
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Question: I have anterior low placenta..is there any risk..what precaution should I take.
Answer: Anterior placenta simply means the placenta is on the front (belly side) of the womb rather than attached to the back of the womb. Having an anterior placenta is normal and does not cause complications. Take rest and concentrate on your diet.follow clean eating and drink more fluids.take care.
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Question: My placenta is anterior. Is there any risk associated?
Answer: Hello dear, placenta in anterior means that the placenta has started growing on the front wall of the uterus...it is absolutely normal place for tje placenta to develop and there's no need to be worried dear..
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Question: I hv anterior placenta at upper side.. Is there any risk??? Plz rply
Answer: no dear unless your Placenta is low lying it's not a problem at all . anterior Placenta means that your Placenta is situated in front wall of uterus which is very safe . with anterior Placenta you might feel baby kicks a bit late as Placenta is located in between your tummy and baby that's why you don't get the kids directly . other than this that is no any problem
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