8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there anyway to avoid pigmention or dark patchs on face that comes in many pregnant women's??

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Answer: Dear it does happen during pregnancy so I used to apply fresh aleo vera gel on it twice a day and also you can dab some milk on it that also works...
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Question: In my face full of hyper pigmention is there how to clean that
Answer: Hi dear It is very normal to have brown patches on forehead cheeks and neck are called mask of pregnancy it's nothing to worry about it's due to the increase in the pigment called melanin in the body. After delivery it will disappear on it's own.It can happen for alot of reasons mainly due to ur exposure to the sun. Use a hat or a good spf sunscreen lotion a herbal one. It u hav condition then u have to wear sunscreen even at home dark patches also means follic acid deficiency add iron rich fruits and vegetables in ur diet.
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Question: My baby is having light white patchs on face it is serious cause
Answer: Hi.. Dear please consult a pediatrician. He /she can see the baby and advice accordingly.
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Question: What I should do my child's skin is dark and there are many fodi on her face
Answer: Try n use chemicslproducts.. Like you can use mamaearth products
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