10 months old baby

Question: Is there any side effects to baby when mother takes antibiotics If any how much wait to feed baby

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Question: By using vomiford is there any side effects to baby ???
Answer: Hi dear, As far as I know vomiford is used to tear nausea and vomitings in patients post surgery or chemotherapy.it is definitely not safe in pregnancy untill first 12 weeks .I am still doubtful if you can use it now.there re other safe drugs to be used in pregnancy now.
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Question: I am 1month old mother Is there any side effects if I use mobile
Answer: Don't use mobile while breast feeding. Keep the phone out of baby's reach. Mobile phones have radiation which is not good for babies specially. Using phone when its battery is dangerous.
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Question: Does Copper T insertion painful , How much time it takes for insertion and is there any side effects in future with it
Answer: No it's not painful. It is an ODD procedure and should take just 10 mind or so. It is a very good method of contraception.
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