Planning for pregnancy

Question: Is there any problem if one is having tea when trying to conceive..??

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Answer: Nothing you can have regular food except over heat items like papaya and pineapple is not good for pregnant planning .
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Question: Is drinking ginger tea is dangerous when we r trying to conceive or drinking much tea?
Answer: No dear it wont be dangerous but you should not consume too much.
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Question: Hii is there any problem if conceive when having pcod?
Answer: As we all know PCOD is nothing but small cysts around our ovary because of hormonal imbalance. Because of this hormonal imbalance some complication can arise during pregnancy but hopefully with proper medication that can be solved. That's why it is very important to plan pregnancy with Consulting gynecologist while suffering from PCOD.
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Question: If prolactin level is high with no pregnancy. Then there is any problem in trying to conceive???
Answer: Yes because prolactin is a hormone secreted during lactation(breastfeeding).So if it's level is high body has impaired production of estrogen and progesterone....So better take proper precautions by meeting ur doctor immediately
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