6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any problem if i walk for 1.5 km daily up and down to my office

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Question: Is it good for traveling daily to office 80 km up and down during 6 weeks 1 day pregnancy
Answer: Dear it depends on your pregnancy actually and also the mode for travelling. If it is by car and the travelling is smooth and your pregnancy is not having any complication then yes it is fine. For bus or any other agai n you have to be extra cautious of your safety and take all the necessary measures. Also your pregnancy should not be having any complication. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, i am 5 weeks pregnant. I have to walk 1.5 km daily up and down for work. Is it safe ? Please respond.
Answer: Yes it's completely safe. Only thing to be taken care of is that you should walk at a very comfortable speed. Do not rush or run. Walk at ease.
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Question: Is it okay to travel daily 15km .. up and down 30km... To office...there wont be any issues right?
Answer: Hi dear as long as your doctor has asked you to live a normal life there is no complication in your pregnancy or there is nothing to be worried about then it is fine to travel and if you happen to travel by a bus it would be better for you if you sit in the front rows because the jerking is less .. Hope this helps!
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