7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any one who is not be able to be Happy even after getting a positive pregnancy result, thought we planned for this but I am continuously feeling low as to will I be able to handle everything, the whole process is seeming to be very hard as to how I will be able to go through it I am I tried to talk to people saw motivational videos but nothing helped continuously feeling low what to do

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Answer: Yeah I feel the same.. and I have a huge doubt and feeling low that am I ready to take care of the child.. am not normal as before, I always thinking abt something and feeling low
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    Question: Hy, i am 14 weeks pregnant...from last 1-2 weeks i am feeling very low, don't want to talk to anybody, feeling irritated every time, having headaches....plz suggest what should i do to be happy and stress free ?
    Answer: it happens during pregnancy when there are changes in the hormone even our mood change it is important that you feel better try do some activities like to read some magazine , call a friend to chat or go and sit in a park . you can also meditate and pray to feel better take more vitamin C and glucose to feel energetic for your headache you can do an ice pack or you can massage head to feel better . just relax it is a matter of few more months
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    Question: I am not able to eat anything & feeling low day by day also tried to do work
    Answer: Hi.. Dear mood swings are part pregnancy, so don't worry.. It happens, do all your favourite things to up lift your mood.. Try to drink fluids sip by sip... Maybe your favourite juices or water etc.. Avoid having fizzy drinks.. Eat anything that you like.. Dry fruits, light snacks.. If you don't want to eat chapati make porridges including lentils, rice vegetables etc.. You need to eat not for yourself but your child 's growth as well..
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    Question: These days i see strange dreams yesterday i saw i had very cute baby boy then suddenly i saw another baby who turned into chicken and my mil was saying next time give birth to human child as people will talk bad about you i am so worried wat does this dream mean plz reply i need your help badly
    Answer: Hello! Dear this is nothing to worry. What ever you think that affects your dreams. Hence,if you are stressed about somewhere, that might be the reason you getting these strange dreams. Don't worry it does not have any link to the reality. Take care
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