7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is there any one who is not be able to be Happy even after getting a positive pregnancy result, thought we planned for this but I am continuously feeling low as to will I be able to handle everything, the whole process is seeming to be very hard as to how I will be able to go through it I am I tried to talk to people saw motivational videos but nothing helped continuously feeling low what to do

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Answer: Yeah I feel the same.. and I have a huge doubt and feeling low that am I ready to take care of the child.. am not normal as before, I always thinking abt something and feeling low
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    shruti shanker838 days ago

    Then how to overcome it.

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Answer: You can definitely go for a haircut in pregnancy it's not a problem don't worry after birth your hair growth might slow down . As mine was
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Question: I keep vomiting the entire day and feeling nauseous all the time. Then people around me tell me to be happy. How do I deal with this? How can I be happy when I am constantly feeling sick :(
Answer: Oh dearie I can totally feel your situation because I have also gone through the same and you just eat too salty biscuits even before getting out of bed , focus more on fruits light and liquid meal and avoid strong smelling food. when I was facing the issue of nausea I used to like Banana and Orange is a lot so you should also focus on these two fruits maybe you would like to eat these. Take small and frequent meals don't try to eat much at a time. Hope your vomiting issue will be resolved soon.
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