2 months old baby

Question: Is there any harm to our baby if we feed in feeding bottle.

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Answer: hi there is no harm if you use a good feeding bottle you should make sure that you watched the working properly and sterilize it so that it is not cause any infection also try to feed your baby mo of breastmilk because breastfeed is very important for the babies proper growth and development and also helps to create immunity in the baby in case you are not getting sufficient breast milk it is advisable to buy home remedies which will help you to give proper or increase the breast milk production if nothing else then you can use feeder to feed formula milk
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Question: Can i give bottle to feed my baby..is there any prblm use f bottle?
Answer: There is high chance of infection.. Why do you want to bottle feed your child at 3 months.. Exclusive breast feeding is a must till 6 months and even if you have to use a bottle, better use a spoon to feed
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Question: Is there any side effect if we gave fm through feeding bottle for 2 month old baby
Answer: .it depends on how it suits your baby..try for a day or 2 to check if your baby is fine with it...fm is advised to be taken..so dont worry...try similac or lactogen if possible
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant...unfortunately we do sex...if any harm to our baby...
Answer: Hello dear. Intercourse is recommended only after the first trimester. However make sure you have no other pregnancy complications. Take care.
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