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Question: Is there any chance to get pregnant if we had sex after two days of ovulation

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Answer: Ghabrane ki baat nahi hein mujhe bhi yesa hi huva tha gharam pani me thoda namak dalke vahan wash karo hamari stitches mein pasine reh kar hota hein ye khujli aur ye dard to jab ham weight uthathe hein us stitches mein strain hota hein isliye pain ho raha hein jab pain ata hein thoda rest karo hope this is useful for you thank u
Answer: Hi dear! Just massage with some olive oil or coconut oil keep your skin always moistured so that your itching will be less and one thing the red stretch marks are usual for every mom since our belly makes Space for our baby so don'tget too much concerned its part of our life
Answer: Hi! Dear If the doctor says you are perfectly alright don't bother about your belly size the size depends from person to person so don'tget bothered just pray for a healthy baby and be always happy
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Question: Is there a chance to get pregnant if I had sex after the next day of my ovulation day
Answer: Hello, yes there can be chances to get pregnant after having sex next to ovalation day. but it's better if you do havr intercourse on ovulation day your conception chances will increase. Hope this helps
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Question: Is there any chance to get pregnant during less fertile days?? After ovulation days completed??
Answer: Hello! Chances are very less. If the ovary gets fertilised by the sperm within the 24hours hours, then chances are there. But after those 24 hours, getting pregnant is not possible. Take care
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Question: we had intercourse on 23rd day after two days of ovulation will there chance of getting pregnant
Answer: Hi dear. you intercourse during your most fertile days of the month so yes there are chances of conceiving but keep in mind that there are so many other factors also who play a major role in conceiving . wait for skip period , if you skip your period this month then you should go for pregnancy test only then you will get to know whether you are pregnant or not . but yes doing sex during most fertile days make your chances high for conceiving . Good luck
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