22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is their any problem drinking pepsi while 21 weeks preganant

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Answer: hello dear , again and again I am telling all the users and all the would mothers to stop drinking fizzy drinks , aerated drinks, sugary drinks during pregnancy. Pepsi contain high level of caffeine which has adverse effect on your baby's growth. Instead of cold drinks try to drink freshly prepared fruit juices ,you can also drink different kind of smoothies but try to avoid all such fizzy drinks.
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Question: Im 23 weeks preganant, í just fall from step is their any problem
Answer: Nothing will happen...as baby is well protected by amiontic fluid... So don't worry but be careful...
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Question: Is drinking limca and pepsi not good while pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, you should not drink any carbonated fizzy drinks as it is high in sugar content & also act as a toxin in our body. The toxins also passes to our baby through Placenta. We can detoxify our body but our baby's card is better to avoid.
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Question: Eating pizza in 21 weeks preganant is their any pblm
Answer: There is no problem but it will better to replace it to healthy food Problem is only that your weight will increase by unnecessary fat But what to do with pregnancy craving which mother can't control 😜😁
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