11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is tab folic is necessary 2 take in pregnancy

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Answer: Yes it is very imp to take it.as it is necesary for the growth of the child.
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    Rachel Riba598 days ago


Answer: Yes very necessary.... As it is useful for any birth defects in babies
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Question: Is it necessary to take folic acid tab before pregnancy
Answer: Hi! Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia it helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC, hence it wont do any harm if taken while planning fr pregnancy rather wil work as a safe guard.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is it necessary to take folic acid tablet throughout pregnancy
Answer: No dear not throughout but yes it is important to be taken in the first trimester. After that only if your gynae says so. Hope it helps.
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Question: Folic acide tab is important in pregnancy,is important to take throughout the pregnancy?my doctor told me stop folic acid take only iron and calcium tab.
Answer: The iron tablet prescribed will have folic acid in it, that is reason your doctor would have suggested that.
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