29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is swine flu vaccine given to all pregnant ladies.?which month usually it's given?

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Answer: I don't think u will have any problem. Even I had pcod and was suffering from irregular heavy periods. But by homeopathic treatment only for 5months I got pregnant and by God's grace everything is going fine till now. But once u conceive relate ur past pcod history to your gynaec. They might ask you to go through some hormonal tests and monitor you. All the best.
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Question: In. Which month of pregnancy tetanus injection is given to. Pregnant ladies?
Answer: Hello dear.... tetanus injection is given during the first and third trimester of pregnancy dear....
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Question: When should we take flu vaccine. Which month is good. Anyone can answer my question?
Answer: Dear its best time to take flu vacination as its not a good weather so ask to ur Dr nd go 4 flu vacin Pregnant women who get a flu vaccine are also helping to protect their babies from flu illness for the first several months after their birth, when they are too young to get vaccinated.
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Question: Which vaccine is usually given in 6th month
Answer: Hello dear....at 6 months of age your baby should be given OPV and hepatitis B vaccination dear...
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