28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Is sunlight necessary for baby during pregnancy?

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Answer: Yes, from 8th month onwards u started to stay under sunlight for some 10-20minutes
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Question: Is it necessary and compulsory to expose baby in sunlight during morning hours, please tell me time to expose my baby in sunlight?
Answer: hi dear yes usually new born babies are exposed to early morning sunlight to save them from getting jaundice as its very baby to get jaundice. You should keep your baby in early morning sunlight when the sun rays are very light and are soothing.
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Question: Is it necessary to get sunlight during pregnancy? Which is the best time
Answer: Hello dear, early morning is the best time to get some sunlight as it helps in maintaining your vitamin D levels... vitamin D is absolutely essential for strengthening your bones and joints and also in keeping your skin healthy....
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Question: is it necessary to show baby in sunlight
Answer: Hello! if a baby has to get sufficient vitamin D, they would need atleast 20 to 30 min of exposure to sun.
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