5 months old baby

Question: Is side lying breastfeeding with arm under baby's head safe ? Some says it leads to ear infection to baby. Is that true ?

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Answer: Its completely safe dear.. i had c section so it was difficult for me because of immense back pain.. i fed my baby for 5 months in that position only.. just make sure u put his head on your arm such that his ears r covered and milk doesn't enter his ear.. same goes for him while bathing
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Question: Feeding on lying position is safe or not? Some tell that it leads to pus in ears is that true?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. You can feed your baby in lying position. Nothing to worry about it. If your baby sleeps off after feed, you need to give good tummy massage to baby after waking. Otherwise baby can develop cholic problem. Allow baby to rest for some time on tummy. It helps in digestion and removal of gas.Baby will not develop any pus in ear. I used to feed my son mostly in lying position only. Take care
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Question: it leads to be big size of baby's head when large amount of milk intake is it true?
Answer: Ni asA ni h...even...normal 1-2 glass milk is not large intake...even i also take 1 glass in Morning n 1 glass in evening....even i hv heard like if we take little amount of calcium that leads to large amount of head..bcoz my nephew went through this issue...milk is good source of calcium...u can take also curd in a day
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Question: Ear infection occured Is it safe to have head bath to my baby
Answer: Hi dear yes you can give your baby head bath heaven your baby is having year infection just make sure that water doesn't enters in your baby's here for that you can use cotton balls.
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